Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

The title might fit the story but since I think it is, that's the title that has been chosen for this entry.

It has been almost 4 months working in a new company. New environment, new colleagues and new experience. Everyday is a brand new day when there were many things to be learned and to catch up. This happens not only when you were working for a technology based company, but also applies to other fields. A friend once said that when you started working, you will never stop learning even after you have retired and settle down.

Back to the main reason of why I'm writing this post. Well I guess no one likes working. It is very annoying, very unpleasant and all sort of things that people always whine about their work. Same goes to me. I whine and whine to myself whenever I am working. But that is the reality of work where nothing goes the way you want it to be. But as long as it pays the bill, people decide to stay at their current work. But I am slowly adapting to my work and slowly I fell in love with it. Right now I am still enjoying my work even though it is very tiring and very time consuming. Why time consuming? Because of a few reasons that I decide not to spill it here. Company's private and confidential knowledge property. Well this is the beast part of my current work. It may shift to the beauty part especially when the figure's on the bank account has been changed end of the month.

The beauty? Here what I think is the beauty of my job. Firstly, I was given a chance to earn extra money every time I am assigned for a job outside of the office which I'll be spending 80% of the year. An extra day means extra allowances. Then I have the chance to travel which is very good. Even though it was only limited to the Asia Pacific region, but I guess that is fine for me. I do enjoy traveling and I really wish that I can travel everywhere and see the world. The best thing is I have the chance to travel to places that have never been thought by most people. For example places like Urumqi, Hami, Shanshan, Guazhou and Khorgos in China. I have never heard of these places before until I was assigned to execute some work last month. It was a priceless experience that I can never stop sharing with other people. Beauty? Yes it was a great and beautiful experience and place.

There goes my Beauty and the Beast. Until next time,peeps. Heading for bed.