Monday, June 4, 2012

Enough Yet?

I believe.
All guys out there.
Want their partner to look like Olivia Wilde.
Wants a beautiful girlfriend like Rosie Huntington Whiteley.
Wants a charming girl like Zooey Deschanel.
Want a sophisticated girl like Kate Middleton.
Guess what?
I don't have them all.
I have Baby Girl Nur Diyana binti Ahmad.
And I am more than happy.
Because she is my Olivia Wilde, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, my Zooey Deschanel and my Kate Middleton.

For I love you more than anyone else.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Entri Pertama dari Pesisir Luar Pantai

Mungkin anda pelik mendengar perkataan Pesisir Luar Pantai bukan? Itu bukan lah sesuatu yang pelik kerana ketika pertama kali saya mendengar perkataan itu, tanpa ragu-ragu saya terus membuat muka seperti memakan makanan yang masam. Anda dapat bayangkan? Ya seperti itu.

Sekarang saya berada di pesisir luar pantai Thailand. Mungkin anda pelik bagaimana di tengah lautan ada sambungan internet. Pelik tetapi benar dan inilah buktinya. Semasa saya bekerja di pelantar pesisir luar pantai di Malaysia, rata-rata semua tidak menyediakan kemudahan internet untuk semua orang. Kemudahan internet ada tetapi hanya untuk membuat kerja dan dikhaskan hanya untuk orang-orang tertentu di atas pelantar. Tetapi tidak di Thailand. Kemudahan internet disediakan untuk semua orang. Maka semua orang tanpa segan silu boleh menggunakan kemudahan internet selama mungkin. Seperti saya ini. Setiap masa memeriksa emel untuk membuat kerja dan membuat rujukan bersama orang-orang di ofis saya. Terasa seperti berada di darat.

Berada di Thailand mungkin suatu perkara yang susah untuk semua orang kerana kita perlu mengadaptasi gaya kehidupan dengan pekerja-pekerja warganegara Thailand di atas pelantar ini. Tetapi bagi yang sudah biasa, bekerja di sini bukanlah satu masalah yang besar. Ternyata rakyat Thailand memahami kehendak orang-orang Malaysia yang berbangsa Melayu dan beragama Islam. Mengapa? Setiap kali saya hendak makan, mereka sentiasa akan menunjukkan makanan mana yang dimasak menggunakan daging khinzir. Tetapi alhamdulillah setiap hari mesti ada makanan laut. Mungkin ada sedikit keraguan tentang periuk yang sama digunakan untuk memasak tetapi apakan daya, darurat sudah keadaan di sini.

Tetapi berada di Thailand adalah lebih baik daripada berada di negara China. Sekurang-kurangnya masih ramai lagi rakyat Thailand terutamanya di selatan Thailand yang beragama Islam. Ok saya sudah mengarut tak tentu pasal. Kegirangan kerana esok saya sudah boleh balik ke darat.

P/S : entri penuh bahasa melayu kerana terlalu banyak berbahasa Inggeris di atas pelantar.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Two Puluh Nine

That is why they called it a countdown. The number will keep decreasing. But how I loved you? Will always be increasing.

P/S : You are far away but always near in my heart

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three Puluh

Counting days. And today I will know whether it is reactive or not.

P/S : Oh I'm very sure is not reactive.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Are We There Yet?

Will I be prepared for my big day? Yes I am always ready for that. But I am just taking things a little slow to make sure that everything will go my way with a little opinion and suggestion about this and that. What I am not prepared now is that the money that will be out of the pocket to buy things. Well the overall budget is there but just imagine on what some people might suggest without thinking about how we really want to spend it all on? It will be an obligation to say no but at least I am relieved that I have the rights to say YES and also the right to say NO.

I'll be on medical break for almost 2 weeks before my site works begins. So I don't have enough time to prepare everything by myself and I need people who knew what I want to help me with the preparations. 33 days to go!

And I need a time off from the office to do my things. Staying in the office will not help me anything plus I will be bored to death staying in the office for more than 8 hours, pretending at my temporary cubicle that I have things to do and to work on. How lame right? But that is the nature of the site based work. We do have plenty and tons of work onsite(plus standby where we can just sit the whole day doing nothing) but once we're too long in the office, we will be left unrest in our not so comfortable seat. We'll be running up and down the office and we'll be in and out of the office trying to make ourselves look like we do have works to do and many things to think.

Wifey to be is out of town and it sucks when she's not around. Wish you were here right now :(

Friday, December 23, 2011

Blabbering Bollocks

There were times where things are doing great to you but this is the time where things are not that great to us. I have spent too much time for my work that I don't have time for myself or my loved ones especially to both of my beautiful and charming girls.

The future prospect and possibility is showing towards the positive side. There is an old saying, no sacrifice no glory. Well I think sacrifices is all I've done all these while. The pay was good and alhamdulillah I couldn't complaint more on my earnings but with the money that I can have in the whole world, I couldn't but the precious times that I have lost.

Family needs me and my loved one need my attention.

Oh God! Please help me! Show me the way and show me some signs.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bored again and again

Believe it or not I am going into my 7th months with ROSEN. Quite an achievement for myself. Why? Because I have never been very loyal when it comes to work. Trust me I bored with things even worse a girl change their handbags or a tech freak change their gadgets. True story.

First place I worked at is Aquaria KLCC as a part time Customer Service Assistant. At first I was happily working there when suddenly every friends that I have made there quit the job or be changed to another department. I was left alone in the CSA department, moving nowhere. So I decide to find some other places before I got another job in a traveling agency company called Tri-D Travel and Tours.

Sales executive was my position there. What is my role? To make sales for the company from the government sectors. I am a newbie in that area but I guess I was just trying to guess what will be my greatest ability. It was okay traveling every single day and work without any time boundaries. I get to see people and talk about anything to get a strong relationship bonding for me to do my work. Made some new friends and clients. But shit happened and I started to get bored with the work. So I decide, let's go back to studying and finish my degree.

4 years I stopped working and concentrate on my studies. I didn't do any good anyway but at least I have finished my studies with a scroll in my hand. Yeah ho!

Back to job hunting again. JobStreet, StarJobs and almost all engineering companies website is what I looked at every single minute. Until I got a few interviews before I was offered an acceptable salary at Bright Fire Protection. A company which work 6 days a week with some crappy office I must say. Guess how long I was there? 4 days before I got an interview at Matco Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Why leave? Because I think I don't agree with working 6 days a week, in an office. No one does that anymore. Can you please get a newspaper and read some statistics, Mr Bright Fire Protection? Thank you.

Matco Malaysia. An Oil and Gas Instrumention company. Providing instrumentation equipments and services for Oil and Gas pipeline. The post? Sales and Technical Engineer. What did I do? Sales, proposals, documentations, invoices and quotations. I did enjoy learning about instrumentations when I realized my learning curve was very shallow. A lot to learn but limited to only a certain level. And a very confusing management. I got bored with the job, AGAIN. The website is my best friend from that moment onwards. I was looking for a field job actually but my current post in Matco doesn't give me much opportunity to travel and get the field experience that I want. Then I got an interview which I have to lie to get a leave that I am not entitled to. Unpaid leave we all call it. But the risk taken paid off when I was offered a position at ROSEN Inspection as a Survey Engineer.

In May, after going for a holiday with my fiancee's family in New Zealand, I reported to ROSEN Inspection for my first day. A lot of new things that I need to learn when I was nearly gave up. If it wasn't because I want to get married, I would have leave at that time and look for another job. Staying in the company make me actually love my job and I started to love traveling.

Long story short, here I am. Still standing strong in ROSEN. Tomorrow is my appraisal interview and presentation. Slides ready and I am good to go. Few things are in my head right now but I need to do what I have to do.

Morale of the story : Some risk are worth to be taken. Just trust yourself and be strong.

Lastly, I will still love you even for another thousand years to come, Baby D