Saturday, August 21, 2010

When you are..

When you are happy, you need people for you to share those happiness with. Usually someone in the family or someone close to you.

When you are sad, you need people who understands you to be there for you and listen to what you have to say. And in this situation, family member might not be the first choice of all the choices you have but still they are a choice, but still you will choose to share things with someone close to you.

When you are down, you need motivations from family and friends. You need to have the words of wisdom from them to cheer yourself up and forget what has happened and move on with your life.

When you are sick, you need your family and your friends as well. You need their attention and their care for you. You need it to motivate yourself to be strong to fight all the pain and be in a good health again.

I can count myself as lucky since I have someone who can be there for me whenever I need someone the most. I do have my mother for me when I felt one of those mentioned before but most of the time, my mother is busy with my other siblings and yet I don't ever want to steal any attention from my little sisters who are still in school.

I have a friend, a companion, a friend who I can trust, a person who is important to me, the best friend that I ever have, a friend who will always be there for me whenever I am happy, sad, down or when I am feeling sick, a friend who always tell me what is right and what is wrong and also a friend who always tell me that everything is going to be alright and whatever happen, that friend will always be there for me, always.

I have never regret my life in knowing this wonderful girl. A girl who changes my life from full of misery into a blessed and happy life. Not only I love this girl, I do want her to be around me all the time.

I really love you, My Beautiful Fiancée.
I loved you yesterday, I still love you right now, I will love you even more tomorrow and I am sure that I will love you extremely for the coming days.

Friday, August 20, 2010


For some people, writing is their passion. They just love writing that they wont rest until they have written at least something about anything. That is how some people might be when they are in love with writing. A person that have things and matters to write about is a person who always read, travel and have a lot experiences and knowledges to be shared to others.

These writers always have what people called as creativity and their mind is always working all the time. Thinking about things that they want to write about later in the day.

But for me. I am out of idea to write lately. I do love writing regardless of the content of my writing is just a simple blabbering or just writing crap. But right now I seriously have no idea on what to write. Or maybe I should start reading more materials so that I would have more ideas for my writing?

"Wish I could have a light bulb like this so that I can just switch it on whenever I need an idea to write"


10 days into the fasting month of Ramadan, I am not feeling well. I am congratulating myself for catching a slight fever, cough as well as a flu. Why am I congratulating myself? It is because of several reasons that will be discussed further. Then you guys might say "Oh! No wonder he catches a flu. He deserved it!"

The weather has not been good to me. Well I am not blaming the weather entirely as a whole but I am blaming my social activities where I need to attend to. Sounds like I am a socialize huh? No actually being a student, I need to go here and there, inside and outside of the building. So the difference of the temperature, hot and cold, contributes to the cough and flu that I am having right now. Especially when you have to attend classes in Bangi. Some said that Bangi is hotter than any other places in KL. I don't have any proof on that statement but I do think I could not agree more on it :)

Oh yeah! And then the fact that I am very lazy to consume a large amount of fluid (may I say plain water and not the coloured and flavoured water) into my body. Being in a place where it seems hotter than where I am staying, I should have tell myself to consume a little bit more water so that I won't get any sore throat especially when every food in the Bazaar Ramadan seems to have chillies as their main ingredient. I am not a big fan of piping hot food but I am a big fan of a sweet foods. Yummy! Small amount of chilly is acceptable but not where the colour of your food start to turn into red colour.

One last thing, daily supplement. I am sure that most of you did take any basic supplement on daily basis right? Well it is needed to people who is like me, who doesn't drink enough water everyday or eat the food according to it's diet needs. yeah I am the type of person who just eat what I want and just buy anything that I want to eat. But it all depends on the current financial status of myself. I have pledged myself to take some basic supplements like Vitamin C or Vitamin B-Complex on a daily basis last time but it seems it was just a plan without any effort of execution.

So what do you think?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Bulan puasa, bulan mulia, bulan Ramadan. Menahan lapar dan dahaga sepanjang hari. Juga tidak dilupakan maki hamun dan ayat-ayat cerca yang keluar dari orang yang kurang daya tahan lapar. Bulan biasa melantak sepanjang masa. Memang lah macam itu.

Apabila berbuka, semua berpusu-pusu menyerang meja yang dipenuhi juadah. Makan sehingga tak larat nak bangun untuk ke depan TV sambung tengok cerita kartun. Tapi sekarang selalu juga rancangan berbentuk dokumentari ke udara. At least we can gain some knowledge about the world. Nak harap buka ensiklopedia atau encyclopedia, memang liat. Wikipedia pun sekali-sekala.

Memang banyak juadah dari seluruh pelosok tanah air dan bandar-bandar terkemuka berkumpul di bazar Ramadan (BaRam). Ada yang memanggil Pasar Ramadan (PaRam). Lain-lain nama panggilan belum dapat ditemui lagi di wikipedia. Tunggu mereka update sudah berkurun lamanya.

Makan punya makan, banyak makanan terlebih dalam pinggan. Nak tak nak kena habiskan jugak lah. Takut nanti dicop kawan syaitan sebab membazir. Ibu kita selalu pesan "Mohd, habiskan nasi dalam pinggan. Nanti menangis nasi kalau dibuang". Pelbagai imaginasi muncul di atas kepala membayangkan muka nasi sedang menangis. Biasalah. Kanak-kanak Ultraman.

Tapi masalah sekarang. Kalau makanan yang banyak boleh gagah lagi kalau nak compresskan dalam perut. Kerja banyak boleh ke nak compress? Bagai beri betis nak peha. Submit kerja on time banyak lagi kerja yang disuruh buat. Huh!

Eh apa motif entri kali ini?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

365 days

It has been already 365 days...
after the day I told you that I want to be part of you..
It has been already 365 days...
since the day I told you that I love you

And after 365 days...
the feeling that I had for you now is even more than what I felt towards you last time..
the more time I spend with you, the more that I love you..
and my feelings for you are getting deeper and deeper..

Baby Girl, Nur Diyana Ahmad
Happy 1st Anniversary
All my love and my life is for you
I loved you yesterday, I love you today, I love you now..
And I am sure that I will love you tomorrow, the day after..
Forever and ever..

*My Lovely Baby with her naughty cat :D*

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Curiosity, Stupidity and Insanity

Another of my concern, last time I may not think about how I felt towards the problem but now I do feel disappointed about it. This is a serious case.

Little that I have realized, for the past few weeks there were a number of reports regarding the abandonment of immature and also mature infant. Did anyone read about it? If you do then good. Well came to think about it, last time this problem can be said to still under control and it is still small compared to the problems occur today. What I am talking about is the difference between two ages. The age of the millennium and also the age of the 90's.

What I am disappointed about is there was a series of newspaper front page title reporting the same issue in the same week. And guess what? Each of the report were mentioning about not 1, not 2 but 3 infants being thrown away by irresponsible parents. Woops! The word parents are too noble for those people who did all this crime. Those infants were thrown away by immature young immature couples who only knew how to have fun but they have no idea how to handle the consequences. What is wrong with the society nowadays?How low can we be when our country in developing economically and socially?

Not only that, the infants were thrown away in places that none of us want to be at. Sewerage pond, near the drain, in the dumpster. You can just name it! Can you really imagine how would we feel if our parents put us at those places mentioned earlier when we were young? And can you imagine the feeling of the immature young couple who are heartless enough to throw their ''product"? I love kids very much and i would love to have a children of my own one day. Seriously, even though I am a guy, but every guy have their own soft spot where they will be flattered to see the children of their own in their own arms. Just think about it,readers. Would dare or have the heart to actually throw away your own children in the dumpster, or sewerage pond?

Seriously, one have said that 'Curiosity kills the cat'. Thanks to what happened today, the quote can be changed to 'Curiosity kills the future generations'.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Just got this from a friend

"Syaitan menangis apabila tersimpul ikatan pernikahan"

Nice. :D

3rd Party

Being in a relationship requires commitments, passion and also trust. Without any one of the elements mentioned, the relationship will be damaged and soon be broken into not thousand but million pieces. A relationship chain that is broken due to the internal factor such as lost of interest, lost of spark, one side being too comfortable or any other factors, is a normal thing. At that time we will tell ourselves that the relationship is not destined to be ours and we should go on with out life and search for the one.

But the main reason I am writing at this hour is about the presence of the third party in a relationship. Would it be a mistake or fault made by the one involved in the relationship? Or maybe the third party was too determined to be in other people's relationship just to get what they want?

Let me put it this way. Being in a relationship, one should consider the relationship to be their most precious belongings after family. Yes it is true. Love is not a toy but love is something that someone should appreciate and they should do their utmost to make sure that the relationship stays forever.

What I am concern of right now is the fact that many of us out there just could not understand the fact that "the target" is not available or in other words taken by somebody else. Some time, we could see clearly that the person is already in a relationship but you still wants to be nice and polite to get to know that person. Where have all the respect gone? It is known that some of us out there still think "Oh! They are still JUST IN A RELATIONSHIP. They are not bonded or married yet. Even the married couple can be divorced after a while." Hello again people! Can't you just be happy for other people and respect their relationship? Or maybe you are just too blinded with what you want until you cannot think about other people's feeling when the sees intruders in their relationship?

I am so sorry, readers. But I am too disappointed with what had happened in the community.

Please do respect other people's belonging. In this term the belonging that I am referring to is the relationship. If you do respect other people's relationship, people will eventually respect the relationship that you will have in the future. What goes around comes around. And lastly, please do not even try to take away other people's happiness. It is not fair to destroy what other people have built for quite some time.

Monday, August 9, 2010

There are times in our life where we do not have enough time for ourselves. I do really mean some time for ourselves to entertain and to pamper ourselves without giving any headache or burden to people around us. And there are also times where we keep on focusing in pampering ourselves and entertain ourselves until we have to neglect other people's need. Time management is very important to balance out everything.

There are a lot of commitments and also responsibilities that have been placed on our shoulder and we should take it all one at a time. For some people, they are able to perform all of it at one time or in other words, they are able to multi-task. I am not one of them eventhough I admit that I can multi-task things on my own.

This is the time of the year where I need to get my priority right. The weeks of tests, quizzes, exams and most importantly family commitments and attentions come into the picture. Few weeks ago I was busy preparing and shopping for the needs of my engagement arrangement. Now I have to go back to reality where I am still a student where my studies is my priority. Well of course, living as someone's fiance, my fiancee needs my time and attention. That I have never fail to provide.

Into the 7th week of the semester, everything comes knocking on my door. I need to ask them to queue up so that I could entertain them one by one.

Lastly, for you My Fiancee, my love will never ever stop flowing out from my heart into your life. And you will always have my time forever and ever. I loved you yesterday, I love you now and I will definitely love you till the end of time.