Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moving On

Tomorrow is going to be my last day in Matco Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Why? Because I had to move on to develop my career. That was what I wrote inside my resignation letter that was sent last Friday to my boss. And also because I had a better offer in other company which I have attended the interview and also got an offer letter. Well unfortunately I won't have the chance to say good bye to my boss since he extended his stay in Miri for some job that he has to do.

So it was only 3 months with Matco Malaysia working as Sales & Technical Engineer. It wasn't a bad experience after all but I just have to admit that sales wasn't my first choice of job. Not the thing that I was looking forward to do when I decided to take up engineering as my choice of studies. I learned and studied about the technical aspects of pipeline instrumentation mainly on the Actuated Ball Valves. It was good in the early stage but I guess I do not have enough balls to stay and keep reading the catalogue, data sheet and also technical specifications. Ok I'm kidding.

Just need some action other than the fact that I can't rely heavily on the monthly income that I am getting with the company to get married. I am the type of person who can't really understand about things without seeing or experiencing with it.

Day after tomorrow I'll be jet setting to somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere which I count as a gift to myself for managing to finish my studies last year. After all I haven't been on a holiday to other people's place to relax my mind. Then after the trip ends, I will be working with a new company that I had an offer and I have actually signed the offer letter giving my commitments to share my knowledge and skills towards the company's development. I know that what I am saying looks like a cut and paste from the Internet or in the book, but I guess I accepted the job because it offers me better responsibilities, opportunities as well as monthly salary and allowances.

My Holiday Mood will be turned on starting tonight and I just can't wait for the day after tomorrow to come.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Well. Right now I just don't have the right mood to pack up my things for my holiday trip. I mean I do still looking forward for the trip but right at this moment I don't have the mood to do all the packing. Still thinking of what clothes to bring and this and also that.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guess Who's Back?

Well there are many things to be told but I think I just wanna talk about the important thing that I think may have an effect to the journey of my life. First of all, I am in a holiday mood! It was planned long before somewhere in December. I said yes and I have committed to it and now it is a week away. I can consider it a getaway for myself and also a little reward to myself for being able to end my studies after almost 7 years enduring all the pain going to classes, staying up late at night just to make sure all the assignments are done and also drinking cups of coffee every night to study and prepare for final exam. Coincidently, my fiancé's family are planning to go somewhere so I decide to tag along. Our destination? To the land of the Kiwis and more specifically Auckland. It has been a while since the last time I went for a holiday outside of the South East Asia so when the opportunity came, I am not letting it go ever. So nothing else I'm thinking right now other than the Auckland Getaway trip. I will definitely load my camera and take millions of pictures with it. Sorry for exaggerating but I am just too excited for the trip.

Then another story. Someone told me that I'm good with other things which he would not tell me but what he told me is about my weakness that I need to work on if ever I want to be successful in future. He said that I always startled, hesitating and indecisive. So he asked me to be more confident and do not ever be afraid to make mistake. By making mistakes, we can be better in future. So what do you think? I think what he said is true. Any suggestions fellas?

One last good news. I will be working in a new place after my Auckland trip. Just had an offer letter agreement yesterday and also I have to attend the full medical checkup today. More on my new place in my future post.

I promise you that I will write more often after this.

I Have Come Back

It has been a really long time after my previous post. Well I do admit that I was in the transition stage of entering the working world and environment that I have yet to manage my time well to do things that I used to do which is blogging. Well it has been a great and hectic week this time around and I will tell you more about it on my next post. Before penning off, I would like to say that