Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Day

As usual. Being me. I woke up late than what was planned on the phone. BIG turn off of the day I guess. I planned to bring Baby to Petrosains KLCC since last week. So today is the day. Maybe its too old for us to go to such a place but since she never visited Petrosains before, its me, her boyfriend's responsbility to bring her to that place. It opened around 9.30 am but I arrived at her house at 10 am. After a long drive we finally arrived in KLCC. Its already 11 am but I think that the line will not be long. Time is running out since Baby have a photoshoot in Phileo Damansara after Friday Prayer. Arrived in Petrosains, this nice lady told us that the ticket is for the 1.30 pm entry. So another plan ruined. Maybe next time. She said. But I knew she's dissapointed.

Seriously I have no idea where to go after the plan is cancelled. So we started walking around the KLCC for a while. I still have to go for my Friday Prayer later. We tried our luck in KL Tower. Unfortunately there's nothing interesting to see there. I'm already in big trouble. Don't want to do the same ol' thing over and over again. So we went to Bangsar Village. I asked her to go for a walk while I'm praying. Have to do what is being told to do. Then we had our lunch at Delicious. Had a good lunch of cheeseburger, mushroom sandwich and also the signature art of Delicious which is the Brownie Ice Cream. Yummy!

Then we went for the photoshoot. She had some pictures taken in the studio and some application form filled. Went for a movie in The Curve. Watched another hilarious comedy romance, Couple's Retreat. Owh bite us! We loved comedy romance very much! Then walk again in Ikano Power Center (I'm really not sure how it is spelled) then the day ended up in SS2 Murni. Nasi Goreng Soft Crab, Roti Beckham, Lily Special and also Ribena Special spice the day once again. Then we had some scratching moment in the car on the way back coz one of us is allergic to seafood but still love eating the seafood. Duh! Its not a good moment of sending her back. Started to missed her already. I guess the day went well again.

P/S : I will definitely make it up to you about the Petrosains visit. I will bring you there sooner or later but not never. I love you so much, Baby...

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