Friday, January 1, 2010


A lot of things happened in 2009. The good, the bad, the smile and laughter, the tears, heartbroken and all sort of things. That is just another chapter of my life. At last another year have passed by and I am thankful that I am given another year(maybe) to live and be happy.

Gain and lose is what happened in 2009. I do lost a good friend, i do lost almost anything in my life. But the most important thing that I have found in 2009 is my old best friend. A friend that I used to talk to every night. A friend that I used to tell everything whenever I am not feeling good or maybe talk about almost anything when I can't sleep. Those things still exist and we're still doing it even after being apart for almost 8 years (2002-2009). Such a long time huh?

Thank you everyone for everything that all you have done either it is directly or indirectly. Thank you for all my friends who are always behind my back. Thanks to all who have given me the will to drive forward in my studies even though I'm already too old to be a student. I wish I could list down all the names but I'm afraid that I'll miss out any names. Just a million thanks to everyone who knew me, involve in my problems or anything. Wish there are other words than just a thanks that I could say.

An old ship has just ended its long voyage. Now it's time to take another ship for another voyage. Hope 2010 bring us more happiness, prosperity and also good fortune. Happy New Year 2010 everyone!! :D

Dear Denna Ahmad,
Happy New Year 2010. New Year. New Book. New Life. New Fortune. Same Old Goal. Happiness Awaits Us In 2010. More Obstacle To Come But As Long Our LOVE Goes Strong, We Will Be Together To Face EVERYTHING. I Love You With All My Heart. Thank You So Much For The Lights Of Happiness.

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