Sunday, February 28, 2010


What a great weekend I had. Many things happened and many things were said throughout the day. After all it was a joyful weekend with a lot of smiles and laughter. Something happened on Friday but I think that is the thing that makes the weekend perfect. On Friday, Denna and myself attended a friend's wedding in Felda Villa. We have decided to wear the same colour, which is purple, for the wedding since earlier of the week and we don't have any idea the theme colour of the wedding is purple and pink as well. What a coincidence! The same thing happened during a friend of Denna's wedding the other day. The food was good and the crowd was good as well. Manage to meet some old friends during the wedding and we ended the wedding visit with a photo taken with the bride and the groom. Last but not least. One of the highlight of the week. Everyone was asking how i managed to lose my weight. And some of them said that they even cuoldn't recognized me at all as I looked different compared to last time. All the credits to Baby Denna for taking such a good care of me :D

Next after the wedding, with our wedding-attending attire, we went straight to The Curve to catch a movie. Had some good 'movies' in the parking lot as a Chinese guy was called an asshole by a Mat Salleh guy. Obviously it is the Chinese guy fault. He couldn't even wait for some time or even gave the woman driver a space to get out of her parking lot. Then I had a good conversation with my senior while lining up for the ticket counter. While waiting for the movie, we went down to grab some ice cream and took some pictures of us. :D. Oh ya. Before i forgot. We decided to watch Up In The Air. It was a good movie though since it does gave us some advice about life and also love. About having commitments in our life.

On Saturday I went to watch a rugby match involving my university. Well I was shocked with the result as the team that we are up against with yesterday was an experienced team. And most of our players are first timers. I guess that is the effect of coming down to training before the match and also commitment from the players. And Baby Bunny is having a good time working during the weekend for the Batik Fair launching.

So I guess that is all for now. Hoping for another great week ahead. Lastly. Baby I love you~

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