Saturday, August 14, 2010

Curiosity, Stupidity and Insanity

Another of my concern, last time I may not think about how I felt towards the problem but now I do feel disappointed about it. This is a serious case.

Little that I have realized, for the past few weeks there were a number of reports regarding the abandonment of immature and also mature infant. Did anyone read about it? If you do then good. Well came to think about it, last time this problem can be said to still under control and it is still small compared to the problems occur today. What I am talking about is the difference between two ages. The age of the millennium and also the age of the 90's.

What I am disappointed about is there was a series of newspaper front page title reporting the same issue in the same week. And guess what? Each of the report were mentioning about not 1, not 2 but 3 infants being thrown away by irresponsible parents. Woops! The word parents are too noble for those people who did all this crime. Those infants were thrown away by immature young immature couples who only knew how to have fun but they have no idea how to handle the consequences. What is wrong with the society nowadays?How low can we be when our country in developing economically and socially?

Not only that, the infants were thrown away in places that none of us want to be at. Sewerage pond, near the drain, in the dumpster. You can just name it! Can you really imagine how would we feel if our parents put us at those places mentioned earlier when we were young? And can you imagine the feeling of the immature young couple who are heartless enough to throw their ''product"? I love kids very much and i would love to have a children of my own one day. Seriously, even though I am a guy, but every guy have their own soft spot where they will be flattered to see the children of their own in their own arms. Just think about it,readers. Would dare or have the heart to actually throw away your own children in the dumpster, or sewerage pond?

Seriously, one have said that 'Curiosity kills the cat'. Thanks to what happened today, the quote can be changed to 'Curiosity kills the future generations'.

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