Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Round and Round A Garden

The elders and the people earlier than us have left us with a quote that will remind us until forever. A word, a phrase and also a quote to give us a guidance as well as advice on how things will go in our life. The words of wisdom that they have left us with are

"What goes around comes around"
"What you give you get back"
"Life is like a spinning wheel"

Well those words of wisdom does sound differently to each other but I am sure that it lead to the same meaning and purpose. What the words of wisdom are trying to tell us is that whatever you do in your life, no matter it is for good purpose or it is for a bad purpose, it will eventually come back to the place where it came from.

In engineering terms, there is this one thing where we called it as a open loop and also a closed loop. An open loop where your action will not return any consequences while a closed loop will give us something in return as a consequences. Why am I telling you all about this? It is not I am trying to outsmart you readers but actually to relate it to the reality of life. In my opinion, life is like a closed loop and this has been proved with the words of wisdom I have mentioned earlier in the post. What you do in your life, you will actually get an outcome, depending on what you have done earlier in your life in just a matter of time, whether it be soon or later.

For example, if we were approached by a poor guy, asking for donation while you were either walking down the street or even while you were eating or hanging out with your friends, what will be your action? It will be either you take out your small and tiny wallet or find some small change inside your pocket or you will just wave your hands signalling to the poor guy to go away and don't ever bother to come back again. Both action does have a consequences. It is like the principal developed by our genius, Sir Isaac Newton which is for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. He might published his principal for the purpose of engineering development but I say that he published his own principal for the use of all kind of life principal.

The more you give is the more you will get. The more you take without giving, the less the chance of you getting anything in the future.

"this is just another blabbering entry"

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