Sunday, October 17, 2010

Few weeks

Few weeks left for my studies. But it has been the same thing and the same situation all the time. In fact I think it is a little busier compared to the previous semester. Below is the schedule for my final examinations

23rd October 2010 - Turbomachinery
25th October 2010 - Control System
13th November 2010 - Submission Date of Final Hard Bound Thesis

And yes. I am already going to submit my final bound thesis which is going to be approximately 2 weeks after my final examination paper. Well a little more extra work awaiting me after my final exam and then I am totally done! :)

Which explains the trip to Universal Studios Singapore few weeks ago. Since I won't be having my student time anymore after this, I have decided to take a time off from all this hectic world (just for a day won't harm anything do I?) and spend a quality and unforgettable moment with my sweetest fiancee in the world :). Although it was a really tired journey and trip, but I guess it is all worth it except for the few rides that are still under construction and this rides that were still under construction are the rides that every visitors are looking forward for. What a shame!! But I am totally going back there after this but with a more proper plans.

Well as of now, I am spending most of the time in front my laptop and attending the work load that I need to have it done before my final presentation next Friday. Wish me luck everyone. I'll be updating soon after some of the load has been done and finished.

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