Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moving On

Tomorrow is going to be my last day in Matco Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Why? Because I had to move on to develop my career. That was what I wrote inside my resignation letter that was sent last Friday to my boss. And also because I had a better offer in other company which I have attended the interview and also got an offer letter. Well unfortunately I won't have the chance to say good bye to my boss since he extended his stay in Miri for some job that he has to do.

So it was only 3 months with Matco Malaysia working as Sales & Technical Engineer. It wasn't a bad experience after all but I just have to admit that sales wasn't my first choice of job. Not the thing that I was looking forward to do when I decided to take up engineering as my choice of studies. I learned and studied about the technical aspects of pipeline instrumentation mainly on the Actuated Ball Valves. It was good in the early stage but I guess I do not have enough balls to stay and keep reading the catalogue, data sheet and also technical specifications. Ok I'm kidding.

Just need some action other than the fact that I can't rely heavily on the monthly income that I am getting with the company to get married. I am the type of person who can't really understand about things without seeing or experiencing with it.

Day after tomorrow I'll be jet setting to somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere which I count as a gift to myself for managing to finish my studies last year. After all I haven't been on a holiday to other people's place to relax my mind. Then after the trip ends, I will be working with a new company that I had an offer and I have actually signed the offer letter giving my commitments to share my knowledge and skills towards the company's development. I know that what I am saying looks like a cut and paste from the Internet or in the book, but I guess I accepted the job because it offers me better responsibilities, opportunities as well as monthly salary and allowances.

My Holiday Mood will be turned on starting tonight and I just can't wait for the day after tomorrow to come.

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