Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Celebrating Hari Raya this time was quite a meningful experience for me. Celebrating the Hari Raya with the whole family around was the usual experience that I've been looking for every year. The difference is that, i don't know where I got the strength, but I actually drive alone all by myself from Kuala Lumpur to a town called Muar just to celebrate the Hari Raya with my girlfriend's family. The journey started with my family having the usual hari Raya gathering with my mum preparing her specialty which is the Nasi Ayam. After 2 plates of Nasi Ayam, I packed my stuff and drove my car to the nearest pump station and fueled up my beloved FERRARI. Topping up my Touch n Go then I'm off to Muar through the highway.

I arrived in Muar around 8pm after all the traffic jam and also slow driving car. I surprised my baby with my presence which I actually lied to her that I'm still in Kuala Lumpur doing the mencandat sotong activity. Had dinner with the family and a session of chit-chatting before I was shown to my room. Yeah you all heard me. I was given a room to sleep in a place where I made my first appearance. Luckily there was a television in the room so I could actually entertained myself with the movies shown on it before a call received from someone I loved so much who's in the room upstairs. Hahahah. The conversation on the phone ended up after 3.5 hours. Under one roof and we're talking on the phone for 3.5 hours? Ridiculously unbelievable.

The next day, went for a walk in Muar town and also a visit at the famous Wetex Parade. Errr. At least it was famous among the Muar locals. Then went back for lunch at Mak's house. Another round of Asam Pedas never bores me. And also the sotong goreng kunyit. After lunch we had photography session and I actually joined them. *weeee :p. The journey back home starts but then I have to send my baby back to her house in Bukit Jelutong. After hours of traffic jam and also traffic lights, I finally arrived in Bukit Jelutong before driving back home to Setiawangsa.

Special thanks to everyone there in Muar. Thanks to Mak, Ayah Unggal, Ayah Long, Ayah, Ibu, Bibik and lastly for my baby, Nur Diyana@Denna for the good reception you all have given me eventhough it only last for a day. But I really felt like a family with you guys around. Thank You A Million. Thanx for giving me such a meaningful Hari Raya.

A picture of me with Baby's family.
Ayah, Ibu, Mak, Baby and myself.

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