Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Only YOU~

End of contract with an MC?? So not cool okay? But what happened during ur outing for break-fasting was totally cool n i like it so much. A good way to chase away all those people.

Sunday was a great day. Dengan xtido sumer. Jalan mcm zombie. But I still managed to make ur feet hurt. YES!!!! Then it goes to the conventional buka puasa which both of us enjoyed it very much. The details dun hav to be mentioned over here. Its only between the both of us.

Im seeing you on wednesday right? Clearance and a trip to the shopping complex maybe? We'll see how things going but im so going to window shop and buy myself something.

Hope for another blastful weekend again after 2 blastful weekend we had together. Hope there's nothing will stop us from seeing again. Im so missing you eventhough u're not flying anymore.

The best is yet to come :D