Saturday, April 3, 2010

Formula 1

Call me sooo-yesterday or you may call me outdated but I don't care. It is the experience that matters, not the frequency of attending or maybe when was your last visit. The most anticipated event of the year has come again and my sweetheart and I won't missed the opportunity given. Yeah! We have been to the latest edition of the Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix 2010. Thank you so much for the grandstand ticket given by my baby's parents. First time experience never failed to amaze anyone or even make someone's day even better. I practically had some problem twisting and pushing the ear plug into my ear lobe. What do you expect? It is my first time experience. With the guidance of my lovely baby, I manage to push it and placed it where it belong and managed to enjoy the show. Biggest turn off of the day was the failure of both of the Scuderia Ferrari Team driver, Fernando Alonso and also Felipe Massa, to even qualify for the 2nd Qualifying Round. And there were some problem occured in the McLaren Mercedes machine which prevented them from racing into the next round of the qualifying (I will never ever write or talk anything about Lewis Hamilton).

White sleeveless, a pair of sneakers and also a sunnies accompanied our day even rain started to fall halfway through the qualifying session. Rain doesn't stop us from having a good experience and also a good show. Thank you again, Baby. I love you so much.

Here are some pictures taken by us at the Sepang Circuit :)

Here I am at the Sepang Circuit!!!

My Baby and I at the Sepang Circuit entrance :)

With LG Formula 1 car

We are one of the lucky one to get the F1 ticket :p


  1. wallaweh.pergi F1 la seh!
    best tak weh best tak?
    kat sini pun aritu ade gak,tapi gua takde masa.
    gua dengar bunyi kereta memekak je.haha

  2. besh giler weh..ditambah pula esoknya dapat tangkap gamba dgn pakwe..kah kah kah