Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last Day of the Semester

Firstly, I would like to let everyone know that I am no more updating my blog using my desktop computer. Million of thanks to My Baby for the perfect advance birthday present. Thank you again, Baby. You knew how much I love it right? So folks, this is my first post using my Dell Inspiron 1464 powered by Intel Core i5-430M chipset.

In less than 12 hours I will be seating for my last examination. Not for good. But for this semester. Its Technical Communications and it is kind of a laid back subject. I need to write a lot of letters and memos to answer the question which explains why I am updating my post in ENGLISH. Wish me luck then :D

Enough of studies. I will be in Kelana Jaya until the end of June for Industrial Training. In other words, I will be doing my practical training in Kelana Jaya. It is not a big company but I guess the experience that matters, not the company. It is an oil and gas construction company. I am hoping for a good working experience during the training period.

Just got back from having my dinner with my Baby. She came and accompanied me for the day in the library. She was reading her magazine while I'm reading my textbook. She has always been a good companion to me during my busiest day. Thank you for your time today, Sweetheart. I LOVE YOU.


  1. kelana jaya kt mane?
    aku pun arini 1sy day keje baru kt kelana jaya.haha

  2. yunie:aku praktikal kt kelana square..ombak marine group..ko keje mane seh?

  3. aku keje kt kelana centre point.hahaha dpi konsult.dekat jela kelana square ngan kelana centre point

  4. ok cun..ade org belanja aku makan..

  5. kau la gile!hahaha xpun time kau lunch ngan gf kau..kau blanje aku skali.leh aku kenal2 ngan gf tau die nk bg aku laptop gak ke..hahaha

    *jgn marah cik denna cantik! :p