Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank God It's Friday :D

Finally. It is FRIDAY. The most anticipated day of the week. Today mark the 3rd week of my industrial training and I just got back home from work. Basically I had some discussion on religious issue with my supervisor and also one of my manager. At least I have some input for the day rather than gain nothing. It was a busy week with meetings and also assisting the preparation of the project proposal and this and also that. Then I don't have enough time for myself to actually research and read any stuff about my work to gain some knowledge about the business.

Well it was a great week I guess. Lots of good and bad things happened few days ago. And I'm glad that we still made it through. Just another tough week but another 9 weeks of training that I have to go through. A lot of discussion session this week. I mean like almost everyday I do have a discussion session with my bosses, colleagues and not to forget my sweetheart, Denna Ahmad. Topics of the discussion varies depending on the personnel involved in that session.

No plans for the weekend so I guess I'll just stay at home and enjoy the comfy of my pillow and also the mattress. Or maybe going to Muar with my sweetheart family another good idea since the last time I went there during the Hari Raya last year? Hmmm. What is it going to be?

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