Friday, June 11, 2010


It has been a while since the last time I updated my blog. A lot of things happened and needed to be shared but the time has its limit. Few weeks back my house modem has been struck by the lightning which contribute to the reasons why I left my blog for a while. Now let the workload have some part in this blaming session where the workload have taken most of my time disallowing me to update the blog. How terrible can that be right? Ok now enough with the unnecessary blaming on things that are not that serious. Oh there is another thing. I have no idea what to write plus I am too lazy to write. :)

TV series have ended its current season namely Glee and How I Meet Your Mother. My Baby and I are now wondering what series to watch since both of the series mentioned are our favourite TV Series. Korean drama? Japanese drama? No,sir thank you. We may be a big fan of Japanese food or maybe Korean internet connection but we are nowhere near in favoring the thoughts of watching Korean or Japanese drama. No offense but we can't find any reason to fancy any of them. I used to watch a Korean drama last time but then that was it. There is no way I will be watching any of them anymore. I think we might watch the whole season of Glee and HIMYM all over again just to kill our time again. Sigh.

My industrial training will come to its end in another 2 weeks. Urgh! In 3 weeks time I will have to sit and listen to lectures again. Can I bring my laptop to the class and listen to my lectures interactively? I am so used to sit in front of the notebook with unlimited internet connections and do my research and also my work without any time limit and now I have to sit and bring my A4 papers to class and write using my hands? My fingers will be sore for a month before I manage to get use of the situation. Now I am really exaggerating.

What else to talk? Now I am running out of ideas. Till next time and also next updates.

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