Monday, June 14, 2010


Monday is a day where people kept whining and complaining about. Why? Because its a day where they have to go back to their daily work routine. Wake up in the morning, some breakfast with the loved ones or maybe peers, start the car engine, drive through the road and the most common thing to happen every day on the road which is the TRAFFIC JAM. If you are lucky enough, you will encounter arguments on accidents at the side of the road. Drama early in the morning. Ok enough with the Monday Blues complaints as I should go on writing about my great weekends.

Started off with a nice Saturday. Woke up in the afternoon only to realize there's nothing to eat for lunch while my mum and the sisters baking cupcakes in the kitchen. Suddenly I realized that I have to do something to fill my empty stomach. An offer has been made and everyone agreed. A call being made and half an hour later, a delivery arrived. The good guy from Pizza Hut came with his motorcycle and there comes our food in the box attached behind his motorcycle. Jump of joy and happiness. I think that was the only highlight of the day other than the arrival of my brother from Dubai. Got myself a piece of t-shirt with Asterix comic character on it which my brother bought it during his recent trip to Rome. Baby, we are going to Rome!! I don't care!!

Then there was another highlight of the day. Yes now I do remember. Before going to the story, let me entertain you with a short and brief description on the situation.

Poverty has been a long time friend to human. The economic growth has made the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. People tend to have the desire to earn more for their own need without sometimes or some people, never think about others who need it more than we do. The city has always been the main target location for people from the village or urban areas to find a new challenge and job but little that they know, they are more challenges and obstacles than what they can see in the television every day in the city. Some may survive but many has fallen or maybe forgotten. For certain people they could not care less about this matter but thank God there are some people who are concern about this situation. An invitation from my brother in law made me realized that I need to deliver something that some of us might forget. The program is called Food Run organized by a non-profitable organisation called Some of the member have packed foods in plastic bags and the plastic bags were placed in 3 cars. This plastic bags were then be distributed to the homeless around the KL area.

Seeing the homeless made me feel lucky for still having a family and also a home. Some of us may have been sleeping in the cold air coming from the air conditioning but the homeless rely on the weather to comfort themselves while they were sleeping. Maybe that was just a simple comparison. How about food? We may be able to buy our own food and comfortably having it on a dining table. But the homeless may not have that opportunity since they have to think about where to find food first before thinking about where to eat up the food. If they are lucky, they might get some food from the restaurant or any food stall on the owner's courtesy. And luck only comes once in a while. From stories heard, some of them may not have food for quite some time. I can see from their eyes how thankful they were when we handed them the plastic bags with foods in it. Their eyes and their voice. It is a very sad situation and I am glad to have helped to stuffed their empty stomach with foods that came with a glimpse of hope and survival. The Food Run was an enjoyable one and I am looking forward for another one.

And then. Seeing England struggle to only draw 1-1 with the USA dissapoints me. Then I came out with a phrase. Doesn't mean you have the best league in the world you have the best team in the world. Enough said.

On Sunday, my nephew's birthday party. Seeing her in her so called Princess dress carved smiles around our faces. She was walking around with hands waving and calling everyone "Your Majesty" really make my day. After the party, and also a change of clothes, my Baby and I went to a place called Fun Fair. It might sounded lame but I find it amusing and exciting experience. We had a great time at the Fun Park in Bukit Tinggi and I have managed to win some prizes for my beloved Baby. Yeay! It has been a while since the last time we had a great time in a ride park. One of the best attraction of the park was the look-a-like Tomahawk in Sunway Lagoon. It was a great first time experience for me. I felt dizzy after riding on that ride and yet I still feel dizzy until now. Despite the dizziness, I totally think the expereince at the Fun Park was full of excitement and a memorable one especially when I am with the coolest Baby on Earth. :D

I think that is all for the weekend. To Baby, I love you more and more everyday.

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