Friday, July 23, 2010

Mumble Jumble

I am still awake until now just to spend all my sleeping time for a compilation of paper writing called Progress Report. How lame is that? I have to think, I have to compose and definitely I have to type all the words that I have been building for the past few hours using the keypad on my notebook keyboard. Do people call this hard work or is it just the same old people saying of last minute job?

Talking about last minute job, I have never failed myself to make a last minute work and it turns out to be as good as the one prepared earlier by other people. Well of course doing a last minute work, we need a lot of references from the past work. Some people call it plagiarism, some called it "Cut and Paste" or "Copy and Paste" but I want to call it "RESOURCING". Without resources, nothing can be done and nothing can turn out to be good.

After all the work that I have been through for the past week, I am glad I am nearing the end of my studies. I have been squeezing my brains out for the assignments, tests and quizzes for the past 5 years and now I am at the last stage already. Working will never be the same like right now while I am still studying. Do you think I am going to miss all this? Well maybe yes to some of it.

Got to have some nap. Night readers!

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