Friday, July 9, 2010


This is what Ali G has said in the British Parliament in his movie. He wants to spell respect but instead he spell it "R..E..S..T..E..C..P". But this is not what I wanted to point out in my entry this time around.

Some people wants respect and some people need respect from other people to make them feel good and there are some people who seeks for respect due to their family history. Ok fine whatever. My point is, if you really want to be respected by other people, you yourself must show or exhibit or give respect to other people. You cant gain any respect without giving any.

My point here are simple. Please do not ever think about yourself ONLY. I repeat. Please do not think about yourself ONLY. Think about what other people might feel and what other people might think. Do not be too proud of who your ancestors are. We should be proud and take a very good care of our family names especially when your ancestors is a someone. You are just carrying their name but not their fame. You have to create your own fame to your own name but please be careful not to bring shame to your name. From ending up in the Hall of Fame you might ended up in the Wall of Shame.

My last words. Please do respect other people feelings and opinion. They will eventually respect your feeling and also your opinion some day.

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