Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Twilight Saga : Eclipse

Watching movies are always fun and also, should I say, ADDICTIVE! It is similar to have the first time experience of eating a great food, you will hunger for more and more and you will try your utmost to get it.

Some said that the Twilight saga are made for sissy and not meant for guys that are so called macho, good looking and whatsoever words they called it. Hey! This is entertainment and entertainment doesn't support sexism or any -ism that could be said. We have our right to watch what we want as long as we enjoy watching and listening to what we want as long as you do not bother about other people's private life. Ok enough babbling.

So it is my first time experience to watch a movie at the Gold Class. Some people might wonder why would we pay a movie ticket for RM60 per person when you can watch the same movie for a price of a range of RM10-RM15 at the normal cinema. Well the answer is simple. I am entertaining myself and I am telling you this, the atmosphere in the Gold Class cinema is superb! It is like you have the whole building being equipped with giant size screen, personal home theater system, self-reclining leather sofa, complimentary drink, head pillow, a really-comfy-satin duvet and being served as a VIP in the cinema. How's that sound for a RM60 ticket? Plus you don't have to go through a very irritating-yet-annoying long queue.

The movie that has been chosen for the Gold Class cinema visit this time was the sequel of the Twilight saga, Eclipse. Baby and I have followed the saga since we started dating and it has been decided that the Eclipse will be watched in the Gold Class (since we have some extra money for ourselves). It is very worth it and I think another visit to the Gold Class will be planned later.

Special thank you to you, Baby, for this great experience of blockbuster screening that I have never ever think before. And thank you Baby's great friend, Shazana Pear Sharil for being with us and our great experience. It was a great experience for you as well right?

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