Thursday, August 12, 2010

3rd Party

Being in a relationship requires commitments, passion and also trust. Without any one of the elements mentioned, the relationship will be damaged and soon be broken into not thousand but million pieces. A relationship chain that is broken due to the internal factor such as lost of interest, lost of spark, one side being too comfortable or any other factors, is a normal thing. At that time we will tell ourselves that the relationship is not destined to be ours and we should go on with out life and search for the one.

But the main reason I am writing at this hour is about the presence of the third party in a relationship. Would it be a mistake or fault made by the one involved in the relationship? Or maybe the third party was too determined to be in other people's relationship just to get what they want?

Let me put it this way. Being in a relationship, one should consider the relationship to be their most precious belongings after family. Yes it is true. Love is not a toy but love is something that someone should appreciate and they should do their utmost to make sure that the relationship stays forever.

What I am concern of right now is the fact that many of us out there just could not understand the fact that "the target" is not available or in other words taken by somebody else. Some time, we could see clearly that the person is already in a relationship but you still wants to be nice and polite to get to know that person. Where have all the respect gone? It is known that some of us out there still think "Oh! They are still JUST IN A RELATIONSHIP. They are not bonded or married yet. Even the married couple can be divorced after a while." Hello again people! Can't you just be happy for other people and respect their relationship? Or maybe you are just too blinded with what you want until you cannot think about other people's feeling when the sees intruders in their relationship?

I am so sorry, readers. But I am too disappointed with what had happened in the community.

Please do respect other people's belonging. In this term the belonging that I am referring to is the relationship. If you do respect other people's relationship, people will eventually respect the relationship that you will have in the future. What goes around comes around. And lastly, please do not even try to take away other people's happiness. It is not fair to destroy what other people have built for quite some time.


  1. why do you have to use the term "belonging" to describe a relationship? gila chauvinistic =D

    anyways, well my opinion is tak kisah la if nak kawan but you know the limits, plus it takes two to tango, if the other party tak layan than it shouldn't be a problem, but susah dapat pasangan yang lawa/handsome ni sbb banyak gangguan luar =D anyways, if you trust your partner enough knowing that she won't act on it, it should be sufficient kan?

  2. meh aku komen plak.
    i'm the third party in my relationship actually.
    at first aku x tahu bf aku dh ade girlfriend.
    after 2months br aku tahu..then bile aku nk tarik diri die ckp "if u tarik diri pun belum tentu jodoh i ngan that girl" ape aku bole buat?yang lg sakit hati..die xleh nak buat pilihan..both side die bagi harapan.erm..
    org ke3 tak semestinya bersalah.

  3. @f:because i am just furious..that is why..yeah it does take two to tango..but i just could not understand why 'those' people wants to menggatal with someone who is already in a relationship or engaged sometimes?cant these people find anything else?based on my experience,fame doesnt take you all the way until the end

    @yunie:oh ok i am so sorry to hear that..yeah in your case it is the guy that is at fault because he wasn't being honest to you..just be patient and seriously good things will come to you sooner or later :)

  4. oh wow. even though i don't know you at all, and only know you as denna's fiancee, i really get what you mean.

    guys and girls alike do it rupa-rupanya.

    they can clearly see from FB etc that my fiancee is well, my fiancee (how much clearer can it get?) and still..

    rupanya guys face the same thing as well.

    that's new for me.

    but not surprising as denna really is a sweet one. a keeper!

    so u treat her right, alright :)

    my first time commenting.

  5. masih ade lagi ke good things in this world?semua same je.

  6. @freespirited:
    hello and thank you for your support on this matter..yeah i do agree with you and of course my fiancee,denna is a keeper because of her sweet and stunningly beautiful look..i will treat her right and take a very good care of her

    trust me,yunie..everyone deserve to be happy..i have been unhappy before and right now i am glad and thankful with all the things that i have got..i have got my happiness again..good things will come to you someday..just be patient :)