Monday, August 9, 2010

There are times in our life where we do not have enough time for ourselves. I do really mean some time for ourselves to entertain and to pamper ourselves without giving any headache or burden to people around us. And there are also times where we keep on focusing in pampering ourselves and entertain ourselves until we have to neglect other people's need. Time management is very important to balance out everything.

There are a lot of commitments and also responsibilities that have been placed on our shoulder and we should take it all one at a time. For some people, they are able to perform all of it at one time or in other words, they are able to multi-task. I am not one of them eventhough I admit that I can multi-task things on my own.

This is the time of the year where I need to get my priority right. The weeks of tests, quizzes, exams and most importantly family commitments and attentions come into the picture. Few weeks ago I was busy preparing and shopping for the needs of my engagement arrangement. Now I have to go back to reality where I am still a student where my studies is my priority. Well of course, living as someone's fiance, my fiancee needs my time and attention. That I have never fail to provide.

Into the 7th week of the semester, everything comes knocking on my door. I need to ask them to queue up so that I could entertain them one by one.

Lastly, for you My Fiancee, my love will never ever stop flowing out from my heart into your life. And you will always have my time forever and ever. I loved you yesterday, I love you now and I will definitely love you till the end of time.

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