Friday, August 20, 2010


For some people, writing is their passion. They just love writing that they wont rest until they have written at least something about anything. That is how some people might be when they are in love with writing. A person that have things and matters to write about is a person who always read, travel and have a lot experiences and knowledges to be shared to others.

These writers always have what people called as creativity and their mind is always working all the time. Thinking about things that they want to write about later in the day.

But for me. I am out of idea to write lately. I do love writing regardless of the content of my writing is just a simple blabbering or just writing crap. But right now I seriously have no idea on what to write. Or maybe I should start reading more materials so that I would have more ideas for my writing?

"Wish I could have a light bulb like this so that I can just switch it on whenever I need an idea to write"

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