Friday, August 20, 2010


10 days into the fasting month of Ramadan, I am not feeling well. I am congratulating myself for catching a slight fever, cough as well as a flu. Why am I congratulating myself? It is because of several reasons that will be discussed further. Then you guys might say "Oh! No wonder he catches a flu. He deserved it!"

The weather has not been good to me. Well I am not blaming the weather entirely as a whole but I am blaming my social activities where I need to attend to. Sounds like I am a socialize huh? No actually being a student, I need to go here and there, inside and outside of the building. So the difference of the temperature, hot and cold, contributes to the cough and flu that I am having right now. Especially when you have to attend classes in Bangi. Some said that Bangi is hotter than any other places in KL. I don't have any proof on that statement but I do think I could not agree more on it :)

Oh yeah! And then the fact that I am very lazy to consume a large amount of fluid (may I say plain water and not the coloured and flavoured water) into my body. Being in a place where it seems hotter than where I am staying, I should have tell myself to consume a little bit more water so that I won't get any sore throat especially when every food in the Bazaar Ramadan seems to have chillies as their main ingredient. I am not a big fan of piping hot food but I am a big fan of a sweet foods. Yummy! Small amount of chilly is acceptable but not where the colour of your food start to turn into red colour.

One last thing, daily supplement. I am sure that most of you did take any basic supplement on daily basis right? Well it is needed to people who is like me, who doesn't drink enough water everyday or eat the food according to it's diet needs. yeah I am the type of person who just eat what I want and just buy anything that I want to eat. But it all depends on the current financial status of myself. I have pledged myself to take some basic supplements like Vitamin C or Vitamin B-Complex on a daily basis last time but it seems it was just a plan without any effort of execution.

So what do you think?

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