Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Pair of Jeans

Siblings are the worst enemy that we always have in our life. We started fighting, arguing and shouting with them ever since we learn how to talk. Other than that some of us even hit them with our hands and legs and sometimes we do use other things to hit our siblings. Do you agree? Sometimes we even wish that we don't have those bad and naughty brothers and sisters that we can even live happily with 100% tender, love and care by our parents directed to us ONLY.

We fight among the siblings because there are a small, big and huge differences between us. Maybe one of us have a better toy to play with or maybe more attention by the parents that make us find another reason, even how silly it is, just to have our revenge to our siblings. It is all about the differences.

Just take a look on a pair of jeans. Whether it is in your wardrobe, the one that you are wearing right now or the one you can look at in a jeans boutique. Even though it is called a pair of jeans, that doesn't mean that they share the same character or features. Yes they do share the same owner definitely. They have differences between them. The right side may have a better colour than the left side. In some jeans, the right side have a torn surface while the other don't. Maybe we have never seen them fighting over matters like this but I do truly believe that they do fight but in a a pair of jeans style or maybe in the washing machine. But in the end, they are still a pair of jeans and they will live a life as a pair of jeans until the end.

Siblings are also like that. We fight, we argue, we shout to each other and we do bad things to them. In the end, they are still and always will be our siblings and we will live with them until the end of our life.

Just like a pair of jeans.

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  1. All I can see is one big cheerful family. You're in the middle of a fight among each other, ah?