Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Role Model

Everyone have their own perception and also individuals that they look up upon as their role models. Several achievements made by these role models made them the object of obsession for his or her workers. This is because of the achievements made by them, they have been living in a better life. Most of us will look upon our father or anyone from our family to be their role model. Some might say "I want to be successful just like my father" or maybe "My grandfather has fought the communists and he has shot almost 100 communists during his service in the army" and what not. Some might look upon someone like the Prime Minister or for sportsmen they look upon the international sportsmen and try to be like them. Try to live their role models life may help in their effort in becoming just like their role model. This is what they said.

In the office, some might look up to their bosses to be their role model. Bosses knew how to work smart and knew when they are required to come to the office and do their work. Maybe they will just stay in the house and manage their work through voice calls or even video conference nowadays. Lets discuss how a boss usually work in our country's environment.

Bosses are late-comers to office. But when they are in the office, they do their work efficiently and they will try to finish their work before time. Their work may required their attention for only an hour or two. 5 hours max sometimes and then these bosses will go back home to their family. Yes they might have people to do their work but work are distributed evenly among the employee so everyone have the same amount of work depending on the area of interest or expertise. So the bosses and the employee job is just the same. But since he is the boss, he gets the compliment for the good job being done by the employee. That is not the main issue here.

So being me, I am looking up on my boss because I do want to be like him. Own a big car, big names and also a lot of contacts. From my observation, he always late to office and always go back home as early as lunch time and I have never seen him in the office after lunch hour. As an employee, I need to live like my boss in order for me to become like him one day. As a starting, I need to come late to office and make sure I'll be back home during lunch time. Most importantly, the work is done. Right?

Hahahahaha. Dream on!

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