Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Friend, A Love, A Life

8 years ago, she was my best friend. A friend whom I talked to almost every night to share almost everything. We have never met but we talk frequently on the phone and sometimes we did accompany each other studying while in high school. 8 years ago both of us were in Form 5 and of course we were really busy preparing for our exam. But still, we spend some of our time to talk to each other almost every night. And sometimes a missed call would already be sufficient to make our day even brighter.

Then it came to the day where things go wrong and we had some misunderstanding. So we were parted to our own ways and we eventually lost contact between each other. No news, stories to tell, or even a miss call. All of it have gone.

Both of us went to pursue our dreams. A dream that has been told and shared before we were separated by the argument and the feeling of anger. Sometimes we do remember about a friend that has been with us for quite a while. A friend whom we talked to everyday. But that feeling just remain a mystery without any of us trying to find each other. Maybe with the current commitment of studies, work and also relationship we were both in have restricted us to make an effort to find the long lost old friend. Or should I say a long lost old best friend. I always consider her to be my best friend.

A tough time have been through. All the pain, the happiness, the broken heart, sadness, sorrow, laughter and everything that could be mentioned, we have been there in that place. We have been doing what a young person would do. We did enjoy our life and we did ended up making a tough but still a wrong decision. We have managed to learn a lesson about life and it changes some part of the way we were thinking right now. Learning by experience is always the best method of learning.

With the permission from Allah SWT, we met again in Facebook. I requested to be her friend and she accepted it. The approval went silence for a few days before one of us start the conversation. And it didn't end there. We were texting each other from there onwards but still no phone calls. Out of nowhere we were agreeing for a first date. How fast could that be?

After few dates, we actually expressed how we felt to each other and we decided to be a couple. Both of us have the same feeling towards each other and both of us need love from each other as well. Well, great minds think alike. Many things we have been through as a couple from a nosy neighbour to a never-moved-on-ex-boyfriend friend and many more. But we were still going strong and we love each other more and more every day.

Now things are getting better and we do understand and know each other well. We knew what both of us were up to and we knew what both of us were thinking. Like I said earlier, great minds think alike. After all the long discussion as well as a bit of family drama, we decided to move on to another level. A level that requires commitment, responsibility and sacrifices. A stage that requires understanding, tolerate and communicating.

I think we are about to complete the cycle. The cycle of life.

A friend, A Love, A Life.

She was my friend. She was my best friend. She was my girlfriend. And now she is my FIANCEE.

To Baby Girl, I will love you until the end of time. I love you so much, Baby :D


  1. tahniah...ceh, aku tau pon ko tunang pun ikot fb......

  2. roslee:hehe..thank you,dugchey! :)